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Our mission is simple. We Vape aims to bring together vapers from across the UK to raise the voice of our community and to shape the public debate about vaping issues that matter to us. Vaping is saving lives across the UK. Learn more about vapers’ Personal stories or Get involved.

By vapers for vapers

We Vape was founded by Mark Oates and friends in 2020 – during the height of lockdown – as a way to spread the message about the benefits of reduced nicotine products.

An established harm reduction campaigner, Mark successfully quit cigarettes with the help of vaping and recognised the enormous potential it has to save lives.

Every year in the UK, around 80,000 people die from smoking related diseases, yet we have products available that would remove the health hazard posed by combustible tobacco.

Driven by frustration at the amount of misinformation surrounding e-cigarettes,

We Vape aims to bring together like minded vapers across the UK, stand up for their rights to better health and increase public awareness.

We rely on public support and you can donate through the We Vape Patreon or on our website (website preferred due to fees).

All donations go towards supporting our information and marketing campaigns.