Find out more about We Vape and our mission.


Our mission is simple. We Vape aims to bring together vapers from across the UK to raise the voice of our community and to shape the public debate about vaping issues that matter to us. Vaping is saving lives across the UK. Learn more about vapers’ Personal stories or Get involved.

We Vape is here for vapers.

We Vape is here for smokers looking to quit. We Vape is here for the family and friends of vapers. We Vape is here for all those that have a stake in improving public health in the UK.

We Vape provides a voice for the UK vaping community. We are here to stand up for the rights of adults looking to improve their health.

By raising the collective voice of the UK’s 3.6 million vapers, we hope to help further reduce smoking and to let politicians, the media, the public health community and ‘anti-vapers’ know that vaping saves lives.

There are still 7 million smokers in the UK. We Vape won’t stop campaigning until all of them have heard about how vaping can transform their lives or until those in power stop threatening to restrict our right to choose a better, safer alternative to smoking.