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We Vape is here to stand up for the vaping community.

We Vape is here to stand up for the vaping community. We Vape is here to set the record straight.

We Vape is here to let politicians, the media, the public health community and ‘anti-vapers’ know that vaping saves lives. But we can’t amplify the voice of vapers without your help.

We regularly attend events, speak at conferences, meet elected representatives, contribute to media and organise gatherings to raise issues of importance to the vaping community. 

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World Vape Show Panel Discusses 6 Threats to Vaping World Vape Show Panel Discusses 6 Threats to Vaping Following his successful panel appearance at the World Vape Show in the Excel Centre, we caught up with Mark Oates, Director of We Vape to discuss the biggest threats to vaping and other harm reduction alternatives. World Vape Show, London 2021 The World Vape Show is […] READ MORE #BackVapingSaveLives We Vape supports launch of UK COP9 campaign #BackVapingSaveLives Click here to register for the #BackVapingSaveLives launch event  In November, Governments will meet at COP9 to talk about how to eliminate tobacco use. However, under pressure from anti-vaping activists and the WHO, Governments are looking to introduce further restrictions on vaping. 3.2 million smokers have […] READ MORE Evidence suggests vaping is the most effective method to quit smoking We Vape, has welcomed the publication of the Cochrane Library evidence update on vaping. The update, released yesterday, highlighted that vaping is 70% more effective than nicotine replacement therapy in helping people quit smoking. READ MORE Vaping ‘dangers’ stopping UK becoming smoke-free Dangerous misconceptions about the safety of vaping are hampering the UK’s ambition to become smoke-free by 2030, campaigners claim. READ MORE Can Vaping Reduce Inequality? Covid-19 has affected different groups in different ways and thrust the issue of health inequality into public debate. Whilst people are mistakenly concerned with inequality itself.. READ MORE


@WeVapeUKWhilst good to see a more positive article in a newspaper about vaping it gets a number of things wrong:…Ti319 Jan 2022 @WeVapeUK@vapouround: It can be difficult to know where to begin for a newbie vaper… Complicated looking mods, alien terminology, getting the r…17 Jan 2022 @WeVapeUKConducted in a constructive manner @sajidjavid‘s “vaping revolution” has the ability to reduce health and economic disparities by improving the lot of some of the UK’s least well off. #LevellingUp #Vaping…16 Jan 2022