#SaveFlavours Campaign

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak MP has announced a consultation which includes considering banning vape flavours in the UK.

It’s time to act to #SaveFlavours in the UK, respond to the consultation here

The British Government is currently mulling the idea of banning vape flavours in the UK. This move carries the potential to put at risk the considerable advancements made in harm reduction which has seen a dramatic reduction in smoking rates as people choose to vape rather than smoke. This has had huge health benefits as we know that vaping is vastly safer than smoking combustible cigarettes.

Why would banning Flavours be a bad idea?

Every year, thousands of people switch from smoking to vaping and in the process they improve their health enormously. This is because vaping is 95% safer than smoking In order to make the switch smokers need a product that they prefer over smoking cigarettes. By removing flavours this will both lead to people not choosing to do it rather than smoking but also they will be more likely to return to smoking once they have quit but flavours are banned. In fact a study has shown that smokers are 230% more likely to quit if they use vaping flavours.

It’s therefore time for you to act, but how can you?

First and foremost respond to the consultation here

Secondly tell your friends about it, anyone can respond not just those that live in the UK, the more that respond and tell their story about how vaping helped them the better.