Welsh Tobacco Consultation: A Smoke-Free Wales by 2030

Welsh Vaping Consultation

Late last year, the Welsh Government launched a consultation on its tobacco control plan. The goal is for a smoke-free Wales by 2030. This public consultation presents an opportunity for vaping consumers and advocates to have their voices heard.

Tobacco Control Strategy for Wales

The Welsh Government’s tobacco control strategy consultation began on 8th November 2021. Their aim is ambitious: a smoke-free Wales by 2030. 

Senedd Cymru (the Welsh Parliament) is welcoming public input on their policy until 31st March 2022. This window provides consumers with an opportunity to write to parliament and inform them of the benefits of vaping and other harm reduction products.

What Does a Smoke-Free Wales Mean?

Per the Welsh Government’s draft strategy, a “smoke-free Wales” means reducing the smoking rate among Welsh adults to 5%, or below, by 2030. Currently, it’s estimated that around 14% of Welsh adults smoke. 

England has set a similar target by 2030, while Scotland aims for 2034. Based on current rates of change, these targets are optimistic. Cancer Research UK research suggests a target of 2037 is more in line with current trends.

What Does The Welsh Tobacco Consultation Cover?

The Welsh Government’s initial draft lays out a long term strategy for tobacco control. It’s headed up by Labour’s Lynne Neagle, the Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing. 

The consultation is seeking public opinion on how to:

  • make Wales smoke-free by 2030
  • make smoke-free “the norm in Wales”
  • support groups and communities with higher rates of smoking
  • tackle the sales of illegal tobacco

What Can Vapers Say In Response to the Consultation?

Often consultations can be worded in a manner which leaves vapers like us a bit bewildered about how exactly to respond. Here are some top tips:

  • Don’t feel like you have to answer every question, some won’t be relevant, just try and get your pro vaping point across.
  • Be short and to the point.
  • Take any opportunity to tell your story, explain how many cigarettes you used to smoke, how vaping helped you quit and how your health improved.
  • Tell your friends about the consultation and encourage them to respond, the more that do the more influence we will have.

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