#Tell Nicola Campaign

Nicola Sturgeon has often threatened that she would “not hesitate” to act and introduce the toughest restrictions on vaping in Europe. That moment has come and the Scottish Government have released a consultation into their plans to ban the promotion and advertising of vaping products in Scotland. This consultation is the only opportunity we vapers have to stop this awful restriction on the advertising of vape products in Scotland.

Why would banning advertising and promotion of vaping products be such a bad idea?

Every year, thousands of people switch from smoking to vaping and in the process they improve their health enormously. This is because vaping is 95% safer than smoking In order to make the switch smokers need as much information about vaping as possible and these restrictions will prevent that information getting to them. Contrary to some fear mongering there is not an issue of non smokers taking up vaping with the latest Action on Smoking & Health survey suggestion only 1% of non smokers are vapers.

It’s therefore time for you to act, but how can you?

First and foremost respond to the consultation at this web address: www.consult.gov.scot/tobacco-control-and-gambling/vaping-products-rules

Secondly tell your friends about it, anyone can respond not just those that live in Scotland, the more than respond and tell their story about how vaping helped them the better.

What can I say?

Firstly don’t feel that you have to answer all the questions, we believe all the restrictions will have a negative impact but if there is something you are not sure about feel free to leave it unanswered. Questions 2 and 12 offer a fantastic opportunity to tell your story about how vaping helped you, how you couldn’t quit if it wasn’t for vaping, how much money you have saved and how your health has improved.

Feel free to repeat some of the reasons outlined above about why banning advertising would be such a bad idea. It’s also worth noting that in some of the reasons why it would be a bad idea repeat themselves in multiple questions so there is no harm in repeating yourself with your answers.