Vaping Facts

Vaping is a safer, cheaper and better alternative to smoking and is saving lives across the UK.

Vaping is a safer, cheaper and better alternative to smoking and is saving lives across the UK.

You probably already know this – because vaping has more than likely changed your life.

But there are plenty of ‘anti-vapers’ out there who promote misinformation and junk science about vaping – which unfortunately discourages smokers from switching. And some politicians want to restrict their use.

What is an ‘anti-vaper’?

According to the Oxford English dictionary, an ‘anti-vaper’ is like an anti-vaxer, anti-masker or flat-earther – someone who overlooks the evidence and peddles alterative facts to fit a pre-determined, ideological viewpoint that is hostile towards vaping*.

OK, it’s not in the dictionary… but you understand what we mean!

What do the experts say?

If like us you’re not yet “tired of experts”, here’s what the UK’s leading public health organisations have to say about vaping…


“Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking”
Public Health England, 2015
“There is growing consensus that using an e-cigarette is significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco”
British Medical Association, 2017


“Vaping has not undermined the declines in adult smoking”
Public Health England, 2020
“The evidence does not support the concern that e-cigarettes are a route into smoking among young people”
Public Health England, 2020


“E-cigarettes are effective in helping people to stop smoking”
Royal College of Physicians, 2019
“Vaping doubles the chances of you effectively quitting smoking”
Public Health England, 2015
“There is also growing evidence that e-cigarettes are an effective quitting tool”
Cancer Research UK, 2018
“Many people have found [e-cigarettes] helpful to quit smoking cigarettes”
National Institute for health & Care Excellence, NICE, 2018

Public usage

“There have been no identified health risks of passive vaping to the health of bystanders”
Public Health England, 2018
“Passively breathing vapour from e-cigarettes is unlikely to be harmful”
Cancer Research UK, 2019


“Banning flavours would likely provoke vapers to relapse back to smoking”
Public Health England 2019
“Vapers said that banning flavoured liquids would deter them from using vaping products to help them quit or reduce their smoking”
Public Health England, 2020

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